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Research has shown that children who are routinely exposed to sounds from a variety of languages during their first years develop tonal memories that enhance their ability to learn multiple languages.

Sound Beginnings For Babies “The Critical Listening Period”

Professor Parrot – Award Winning DVD For Children of All Ages

Nursery rhymes, alphabet, numbers and more, accompanied by music and lullabies unique to each culture! Sound Beginnings® provides 15-minute segments of Spanish, French, German, Russian, Hebrew, Japanese, English and Chinese.

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Learn Spanish with songs, dances, games, and puppets. Join Professor Parrot for an exciting adventure of making friends while learning over 150 new words and phrases in Spanish. Children stay actively engaged in this multi-sensory experience designed for early ages when language learning is most important.

Sound Beginnings: Complete Collection (Downloads)

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The Award Winning Professor Parrot® Speaks Spanish DVD

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Professor Parrot Speaks Spanish DVD

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The Professor Parrot Speaks Spanish DVD is designed to develop a child’s natural ability to learn other languages through songs, dances, games and puppets. If you are not a Spanish speaker, you will be amazed how quickly you will be able to understand many of the words. So do not be surprised if you learn (or remember) Spanish as well!

Children stay actively engaged in this multi-sensory experience.

• Experience the colors of the rainbow while signing and dancing to Cielito Lindo

• Count from 1-20, singing and dancing to the Mexican Hat Dance in the land of numbers

• Learn how to say your name to the tune of La Bamba and much, much more!


Experts agree that the early years are prime learning for children. Babies are constantly absorbing their surroundings, which include culture, social interactions and language.

Research has shown that infants who are routinely exposed to sounds from many languages during their first year develop tonal memories that may enhance their ability to acquire multiple languages.

Patricia Kuhl: Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences : University of Washington : The Linguistic Genius of Babies

Patricia Kuhl: The Linguistic Genius of Babies


Only 14% of U.S. students consider themselves bilingual.

Of the over 55 million students in U.S. public schools, only 50,000 students study Mandarin Chinese - a language spoken by over 1 billion people worldwide.


80% of students in Europe speak at least two languages.

Infants are born “citizens of the world” and can acquire any language easily. Until the age of 6 months, they discriminate the phonetic contrasts of all languages, something their parents are unable to do. By the end of the first year of life, infants show nascent specialization. Neural sensitivity to native-language phonetic units increases while the ability to discern phonetic differences in other languages declines. Research on infants shows they “crack the speech code” using computational skills, but also that social interaction plays a significant role in the process.

Bringing Up (Bilingual) Baby

Wall Street Journal, October 6, 1999

Start teaching the second language before the child starts to speak. Before they start to speak words, children listen and store almost everything they hear. This is the prime of their “critical period for absorbing language.

A growing number of brain studies indicate that infants can learn a second language more easily if they are exposed to it before they learn to talk. in the period in which their brains are being wired. Infants are “citizens of the world, ready to learn any language,” says neuroscientist Patricia Kuhl, co-author of a book on infant development.

Patricia Kuhl: The Linguistic Genius of Babies


I work with Spanish teachers across the country who are using Professor Parrot to teach children Spanish. They love it! Professor Parrot makes learning Spanish fun. First Grade

Spanish Teacher

Our audience of 3-to-6-year-olds was belting out numbers and colors in Spanish by the end of the tape and eager to hear the songs and stories repeated in the DVD. This is a super product from Sound Beginnings, a company that believes foreign languages are most effectively learned in the early years. Woman’s Day, Special Kids Edition.

Woman's Magazine, Woman's Day

My two year old daughter loves this video. She watches it before her nap each day calling it her ‘parrot video.’ She dances to the songs and repeats the Spanish words. she was able to count to eleven in Spanish after watching the video only a few times. Her attention is kept during the entire video. Professor Parrot


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Professor Parrot Products is a Dallas, Texas based company founded in 1993 by two language specialists. Co-founders Beth Huddleston and Karen Yates met in the summer of 1984 while enrolled in an innovative German class. This class changed their lives as the two women realized that they shared of a love of languages and a desire to revolutionize the language industry by introducing languages exposure at an early age.
In 1993, after the birth of Huddleston’s third child, she and Yates combined their linguistic and international talents to establish Professor Parrot Products, the producer of innovative language and cultural products for children. In 2005, Karen left the company to pursue her interest in accent reduction establishing Global English Training.
Sound Beginnings is the original language development system designed specifically for infants. This 2-CD set introduces your little one to the sounds of eight languages through the use of the alphabet, nursery rhymes and lullabies unique to each culture.

Beth Huddleston

Beth Huddleston

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Beth Huddleston has a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and English Literature from Vanderbilt University and a Master’s Degree in Latin American Studies from Georgetown. She is the Executive Vice President of the World Affairs Council of Dallas-Fort Worth and serves as chief of international protocol for the City of Dallas. Beth has worked all of her life to promote international understanding between people of diverse cultures.

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