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Sound Beginnings: Complete Collection (Downloads) Bonus: 7 Musical Instrumentals


Professor Parrot’s Sound Beginnings ®

Get All the Downloads (8 Audio Lessons + 8 Musical Instrumentals): 2 hours of content!

Sound Beginnings is the original language development system designed specifically for infants. This awesome audio bundle introduces your little one to the sounds of eight languages through the use of the alphabet, nursery rhymes and lullabies unique to each culture.

Sound Beginnings provides 15-minute audio segments of Spanish, French, German, Russian, Hebrew, Japanese, English, and now Chinese. A warm, motherly voice recites the alphabet, nursery rhymes, numbers and more to your little one, accompanied by traditional folk melodies and lullabies unique to each culture. Using native voices and traditional music that keep in sync with each language’s rhythm, Sound Beginnings is played for infants at an early age. Simply by listening, neural pathways are activated and sound recognition skills are increased, making it easier for your child to become bilingual, trilingual or even a polyglot (a speaker of many languages)!


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